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  1. CA18DET Wastegate Actuator

    CA18DET standard wastegate in working order.
  2. ca18det engine parts for sale

    Do you have the standard CA18DET wastegate actuator?
  3. I have a S13 Silvia with a CA18DE. Due to a water replacement the half moon timing lug got broken in the exhaust camshaft. I replaced the exhaust camshaft with an exhaust camshaft from a CA18DET motor. The motor now has a nasty flat spot at 4000 rpm. The motor pulls a little sluggish up to 4000 rpm, hits the flat spot, once it gets past the flat spot it happily revs out to 7500 rpm with as much grunt as it used to. My question is what is the difference between the NA and turbo exhaust camshaft? Is there a camshaft timing change needed? The motor is running on the original CA18DE auto ECU, although the Silvia is now a manual.
  4. Do you still have the ABS module?
  5. S13 ABS Brake Module

    Looking for a S13 CA18ABS module in good condition.
  6. S13 ABS Brake Module

    Looking for a S13 CA18ABS module in good condition.
  7. S13 parts galore

    Do you still have the front coilover struts? If so, what price.
  8. S13 ABS Pump

    Looking for a good working ABS pump, Nippon 47600-39F00, for a S13/180.
  9. 180sx S13 Silvia & Stagea Parts - $10

    Is the ABS unit the same as in a S13 CA18DET? And is it still available?
  10. Do you still have the ABS unit? Is it the same as a S13 ABS unit.
  11. S13 CA18DE ECU

    Thanks guys. Is there a difference between the ECU of a turbo and non-turbo CA18 ECU?
  12. S13 CA18DE ECU

    Many thanks guys. What is the correct method to set the ignition timing?
  13. S13 CA18DE ECU

    I have converted a S13 CA18DE from an auto to a manual. Is ther any difference in the engine mapping between the auto ECU and a manuak ECU? The cardoesn't seem to have much grunt under 4500rpm.
  14. Does anybody know where I can get a Koya Drift Tek 17 x 8 Gold wheel 4/5 stud for a S13?
  15. Classifieds Not Showing Properly

    Hi guys, I am having the same problem. It happens on my PC and my tablet. Looks like a problem with the website.